Summer Internship at Privé Financial Limited - CUHK MBA

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Summer Internship at Privé Financial Limited

Between February and June, I did a part-time internship at Privé. They are an innovative Fintech provider of wealth management services in the cloud and a boutique software development services company aimed at the financial sector. The internship allowed me to experience the dynamic Hong Kong workplace and realize how different and exciting it is compared to my previous experience in Canada.

Through my internship I observed their management and development processes and made actionable recommendations for Privé to continue to improve itself. I advised them on their strategic positioning and how they can prioritize and focus their efforts to better achieve their goals. I helped them with their immediate requirements to fulfill important contracts with multinational banks by documenting and testing new components and reports being developed. I also reached out to fund houses to establish better relationships with Privé and their partners to have more accurate data about fund performance and helped with their workplace idea campaign aimed at strengthening the company culture and improving corporate and employee performance.

The internship gave me the opportunity to make new professional connections with Privé management and employees that will no doubt continue well beyond my involvement with them. While Privé wasn’t an immediate match for me to continue with them, I wish them all the best in revolutionizing the wealth management industry and will be watching their progress closely.

Full-time Class of 2017