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Apply for CUHK MBA Intake 2021 before the deadlines now – Hong Kong Residents (4 July) & Non-Hong Kong Residents (rolling basis & for Part-time MBA application only).
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Admissions Requirement

  • A recognised bachelor’s degree with honors (not lower than second class lower division or B grade) or equivalent professional qualification;
  • Three years of full-time post-qualification work experience
  • Fulfill English Language Proficiency Requirement1
  • Provide a satisfactory GMATor GRE3 score (GMAT/GRE exemptions may be considered for applicants with over seven years work experience, including five years in a managerial position, subject to the approval from the Admissions Committee.)
  • 1. English Language Proficiency Requirement

    Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the University accepts, on a temporary basis and for those students who are admitted to postgraduate programmes in the 2021-22 intake, the following online English tests as an alternative to fulfil the University’s English Language Requirements.

    Submit one of the following original score reports/ certificates for assessment by the programme(s) concerned:

    • A decent TOEFL score (CUHK MBA Code: 7398);
    • A decent IELTS (Academic Module) score;
    • GMAT (Verbal, normally not lower than 21);
    • A degree from a university in Hong Kong;
    • A degree programme of which the medium of instruction is English.
  • 2. GMAT

    The validity period for GMAT score results is 5 years from the test date. Applicants should arrange to send the official GMAT scores to the MBA Programmes of The Chinese University of Hong Kong:

    • Programme code for Part-time CUHK MBA: R9H-0W-08

    For more details, please visit

    The Mini GMAT Quiz

    Challenge yourself! Here are eight real, retired questions:

  • 3. GRE

    The validity period for GRE score results is 5 years from the test date. Applicants should arrange to send the official GRE scores to the MBA Programmes of The Chinese University of Hong Kong:

    • CUHK MBA Code: 7430

    For more details, please visit

Application Deadline

Hong Kong Residents: 4 July 2021
Non-Hong Kong Residents: Rolling Basis (for Part-time MBA application only)*
* Limited seats are available, apply early to secure your spot. 

Deadline for Submitting Documents

Hong Kong Residents: 9 July 2021

Decision by

Hong Kong Residents: 23 July 2021

Tuition Fee

Items Amount
Tuition Fee HK$435,000
Caution Money* HK$450


*Students of the MBA Programmes are required to pay HK$450 caution money as a deposit against any debts incurred to the University. This sum, less any deductions made for outstanding debts, is refunded upon discontinuation of studies at the University. For graduating students, subject to no claim being outstanding, the caution money is converted into a graduation fee, which is payable by all students on completion of their study programmes.

Tuition Fee Payment Schedule

Year 1

Deposit: HK$60,000
August: 1/6 of tuition fee – deposit
October: 1/6 of tuition fee
April: 1/6 of tuition fee


Year 2

August: 1/6 of tuition fee
October: 1/6 of tuition fee
April: 1/6 of tuition fee

Scholarships and Grants

We encourages high-caliber candidates fulfilling its requirements to apply early for scholarships. All entrance scholarships are awarded according to the candidate’s ability to add value to a dynamic classroom, work experience, academic and professional merits, and business leadership potential. Applications are assessed based on the information submitted online. An additional statement may be required where applicable. In addition, through the CUHK Business School Alumni Referral Programme and Corporate Scholars Programme, applicants will also receive allowances if their applications are successful.

In order to be qualified for application of the scholarships and grants, awardees will have to fulfil the below general criteria (specific criteria are stated under individual scholarship and grant):

  • Have to be CUHK MBA’s part-time intake for 2021. Applicants must complete and submit their applications by the designated deadline(s).
  • Must commence their part-time MBA studies at CUHK during academic year 2021-22.

How to apply: Applicants shall indicate their scholarship preference in their Online Application Form. For application of CUHK Business School Alumni Referral Programme, please refer to the details below.

List of Scholarships

  • CUHK MBA Excellence Scholarship

    The CUHK MBA Excellence Scholarship is awarded to candidates with decent academic performance and professional achievements, personal accomplishments and interview performance in expectation of their likely contributions to the MBA programmes.

List of Grants

  • CUHK Business School Alumni Referral Programme for the MBA Intake 2021

    Through CUHK Business School Alumni Referral Programme, CUHK Business School alumni who would like to embark their career transformation journey through pursuing CUHK MBA will receive:

    • A guaranteed interview if applicants fulfill the minimum admissions requirements
    • A grant covering 10% of the tuition fee if their application is successful

    All candidates referred by CUHK Business School alumni to our MBA Programme will receive the above benefits.

    How to apply:  

    • Apply as an alumnus/alumna: Indicate in your application you are an alumnus/alumna with your graduation year and programme.
    • Apply with CUHK Business School Alumni referral: Indicate the name of CUHK Business School alumnus/alumna in your application and CUHK Business School alumnus/alumna shall email us at with his/her full name,  graduation year & programme and your full name.
  • Corporate Scholars Programme

    By exclusive invitation to selected companies and institutional partners, the Corporate Scholars Programme aims to grow talent and help corporations build an internal leadership pipeline. The Programme offers a grant covering 10% of tuition for each admitted student nominated by participating companies and institutional partners.

    How to apply:  

    Indicate in your application if you are a current employee of our corporate partners or a member of our institutional partners and you are nominated to apply through the Corporate Scholars Programme. Once you are admitted, apply for a recommendation letter from your Human Resources department and send it to our admissions staff for a grant arrangement.

    Contact us to see if your company is on the list.

    List of participating companies and institutional partners:  


  • General Notes

    Applicants’ eligibility and the amount of scholarships they may receive will be assessed and determined by CUHK MBA Admissions Committee based on each candidate’s prior academic performance, work experience, GMAT scores and interview performances

    Any scholarship awarded will subsequently be deducted from the successful applicant’s programme tuition fees.

  • Term and Conditions

    Please note the below conditions will apply:

    • Each candidate can either entitle to CUHK Business School alumni Referrral Grant or Corporate Scholars Grant

    CUHK MBA programme reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions applied to these scholarships at any time and without prior notice. All amended terms and conditions will be timely published on our website. All decisions related to admissions and scholarships will be subject to the approval and confirmation of the CUHK MBA Programmes Office and will be final.

List of Financial Aids

  • Continuing Education Fund for Hong Kong Residents

    Hong Kong residents who have the right of abode or the right to land or to remain in Hong Kong without restriction are eligible to apply for the Continuing Education Fund (CEF). For details regarding eligibility and application procedures, please visit CEF website at

    CUHK MBA Programmes are listed as a reimbursement course under the Continuing Education Fund, providing reimbursement of up to HK$10,000 to those who fulfill the criteria.

Disclaimer: CUHK MBA is not connected and/or affiliated with the above finance companies, financial institutions, and/or organizations. Students will take full responsibility of the loans they engaged and can contact the respective companies and organizations directly. Students are suggested to seek independent advice before engaging in any study loan services.

Submit Your Application Online

Take your first step and submit the online application with the below documents.

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copies of degree certifications*
  • GMAT/GRE score report (if applicable)**
  • TOEFL/IELTS score report (if applicable)
  • Copies of Hong Kong Identity Card or Passport
  • Academic transcripts***
  • Two sets of recommendations (submitted online)

* Applicants who obtained degrees from universities in Mainland China are required to provide an Online Verification Report of Higher Education Qualification Certificate (教育部學歷證書電子註冊備案表) issued by the CHESICC (學信網).
**For details about the GMAT/GRE score requirement, please refer to Admissions Requirement
***Official academic transcripts must be sent to the MBA Admissions Office directly from the institution(s).

Haven’t assembled all the documents yet? Submit the application first and supplement relevant documents within 1 month upon submission.

Apply NOW

Additional Supporting Documents Required:

After you submit the application online, we will need the below supporting documents on you:

  • An official GMAT/GRE school report;
  • An official TOEFL/ original IELTS score report (if applicable);
  • TWO copies of your original official transcripts issued by the applicants’ former/current Universities in sealed envelope with stamp from Registry and must reach MBA Admissions Office directly from the institution(s)

*Applicants who obtained degrees from universities in Mainland China are required to provide an Online Verification Report or Higher Education Qualification Certificate (教育部學歷證書電子註冊備案表) issued by the CHESICC (學信網).

Application Fees

HK$ 800

Payment Method

Credit cards as directed via our online application system.

Admissions Roadmap

  • Step 2: Submit Supporting Document

    Upload your documents (including CV, degree of certificate(s), academic transcript(s), GMAT/GRE/IELTS/TOEFL score report(s)) to the application portal and mail specified documents to MBA Programmes Office

  • Step 5: Deposit Payment

    Applicants will be notified of the results via email within two to four weeks of the interviews


For application details of JD/MBA, please refer to the details here.

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